Sen. Lee Statement on Lina Khan Nomination

March 9, 2021

WASHINGTON – Sen. Lee (R-Utah) issued the following statement this morning in response to news reports that President Biden plans to nominate Lina Khan to the Federal Trade Commission:

“If these reports are true, it is deeply concerning. Ms. Khan no doubt has a promising career ahead of her, but being less than four years out of law school, she lacks the experience necessary for such an important role as FTC Commissioner. Her views on antitrust enforcement are also wildly out of step with a prudent approach to the law. Nominating Ms. Khan would signal that President Biden intends to put ideology and politics ahead of competent antitrust enforcement, which would be gravely disappointing at a time when it is absolutely critical that we have strong and effective leadership at the enforcement agencies. This moment is too important for our antitrust enforcers to be learning on the job.”