We are facing the consequences right now

July 16, 2021

For too long, the federal government has been borrowing and spending money that it simply does not have. This is not just a problem facing us in the future – we are facing the consequences right now.

Because politicians in Washington vote for enormous spending packages in exchange for short-term praise and political gain, hardworking families in Utah and across America are forced to pay the price through inflation which makes life more expensive – especially for the poor and middle class.

Every day, it’s getting more expensive to fill cupboards, refrigerators, and bellies. Every day, it’s getting more expensive to buy gas to drive to work, to the doctor, or to drive the kids to school. Every day, it’s getting harder to buy a house, buy a car, or pay for the heat and air conditioning.

There are difficult decisions ahead. We might have to say “no” to proposals and spending packages that are not truly necessary, so that everyday Utahns and Americans can say “yes” to what is truly necessary. I am working to ensure they can do just that.