Senator Lee offers ‘Pay Less, Build More’ Amendment to Infrastructure Bill

August 3, 2021

WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has put forth an alternative to the “bipartisan infrastructure bill.” Lee’s amendment #2255 is a combination of the Transportation Empowerment Act, the UNSHACKLE Act, and the Davis-Bacon Repeal Act. The amendment would reduce the federal gas tax by more than eleven cents per gallon, return the national Highway Trust Fund to solvency, speed-up and simplify burdensome National Environmental Policy Act requirements, and remove Davis-Bacon wage rules. Each of these reforms will allow more federal infrastructure projects to be built more quickly and more affordably.

Of the amendment Sen. Lee said, “We cannot pour money into a broken pitcher. Without these reforms, spending trillions of dollars on infrastructure will not only exacerbate inflation, it will not substantially improve our infrastructure standing. The ‘Pay Less, Build More’ Amendment is a way to cut taxes and burdensome regulation to improve our infrastructure standing while spending less.”

Read the text of the amendment here.