Sen. Lee Delivers Message to Utahns

January 3, 2023


Washington, D.C. – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) delivered a message to Utahns as he was sworn in as a member of the 118th Congress by Vice President Kamala Harris on the floor of the US Senate, beginning his third term. Many members of Lee’s family attended the ceremony, including his wife, Sharon, and two of their children. Lee family friends were also in attendance.

Per Senate tradition, Sen. Lee was escorted to the Senate floor by fellow Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Lee & Rubio both assumed office together on January 3, 2011.

In his message, Sen. Lee said, “Having just been sworn in as a member of the 118th Congress, I can only begin to express how honored I am to continue serving as your Senator. I am grateful for the trust and confidence you’ve placed in me to represent you and bring the Utah way to the national stage.

Today marks the beginning of a new Congress, bringing a fresh opportunity to restore and renew our nation’s founding principles of federalism and separation of powers.

Since arriving in Washington, I’ve witnessed the executive branch’s continued expansion of its powers and influence while Congress neglectfully delegates its Constitutional authority to unelected bureaucrats. This unchecked power creates dangerous consequences, not just for Congress, but for Utah in particular.

When Congress abdicates its duty, we neglect the needs of Utahns. As a premier public lands state, Utah deserves not only a seat at the table, but a voice to ensure that we have the means to address a host of issues, including affordable housing.

We must restore balance and accountability to the legislative branch of government. This includes reforming the spending process and restoring fiscal responsibility, so Utahns never again have to endure record-high inflation driven by reckless government spending. We must work to reclaim Congress’ rightful powers and ensure our nation remains a beacon of freedom and prosperity.

Many challenges do lie ahead, but I remain committed to working and fighting for the issues that matter to the people of Utah and the rest of our great country. I’m committed to standing up for Utah – home of Browning Arms Company – against relentless encroachments on the Second Amendment. I’m committed to defending religious liberty so Utahns can continue to worship according to their sincerely held beliefs. I’m committed to promoting fiscal responsibility, so we do not shackle our children with unbearable debt. Above all, I’m committed to upholding my oath to preserve and defend the Constitution.

Thank you again for your support, and I look forward to continuing to serve you in the 118th Congress.”

For full video of the ceremonial swearing-in, click HERE.
For full video of Sen. Lee’s remarks, click HERE.