Lee Moves to Preserve Internet Freedom with Updated Bill

October 28, 2023


WASHINGTON - In a continued effort to prioritize fast, affordable Internet access for all Americans, Senator Lee introduced an updated version of the "Restoring Internet Freedom Act." This move comes in response to recent efforts by the FCC to revert to regulations reminiscent of dated telephone services.


A brief history: In 2015, the FCC shifted Internet service regulations, likening them to early 1900s telephone services. The aftermath of this change witnessed a notable drop in broadband infrastructure improvements. Recognizing the setback, Senator Lee introduced the original "Restoring Internet Freedom Act" in 2016 and 2017.


Senator Lee's efforts and subsequent actions by the FCC, which included the repeal of the Open Internet Order, placed regulations of the internet under the more lenient Title I. Following this shift in regulatory approach, there was a notable increase in broadband investment, Internet speed, and deployment, while costs for consumers lowered.


Now, with the FCC's recent proposal to reintroduce stricter regulations, Senator Lee's updated actaims to ensure continued progress in Internet infrastructure and maintain its current growth trajectory.


Key Highlights of the Bill:


Nullification of FCC's New Proposal: The FCC's recent rule proposal will be prohibited from being adopted or nullified (if the bill is passed after adoption of the proposed rule).


Prevention of Similar Future Proposals: The FCC will be restricted from reintroducing this rule, or any rule similar to it, without a specific new law permitting them to do so.


Clear Definition: The bill provides a specific definition for "rule", referencing section 804 of Title 5 USC.


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