Lee Bill Simplifies Labeling of American-Made Products

September 27, 2023


WASHINGTON – Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Angus King (I-ME) introduced the Reinforcing American-Made Products Act, which sets a national standard for interstate commerce products to be labeled "Made-in-USA.”  Currently, businesses must navigate conflicting federal and state definitions and regulatory requirements to label products as “Made-in-USA.”  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has an existing national definition that does not supersede state requirements under current laws.  Sen. Lee’s bill will simplify and standardize this type of product labeling and allow the countless businesses that already qualify under the federal definition to sell their products as “Made in USA” nationwide.


Of the bill’s introduction, Sen. Lee said, “Businesses are proud to make their products in the United States.  The current labeling environment prevents countless businesses and products from receiving the recognition they deserve. This bill makes sure businesses have an incentive to produce here at home.”


 When a consumer sees a ‘Made in the USA’ label, they know they’re purchasing a high-quality product and supporting American jobs,” said Sen. King. “The Reinforcing American-Made Products Act would ensure that a ‘Made in the USA’ label is a simple, straightforward way to help consumers make informed decisions about the products they intend to buy. Thank you to Senator Lee for working with me to support American manufacturers and streamline this process for consumers who want to support American workers.”


Richard Hendrickson, President and CEO of Lifetime Products, a Utah business that makes its products in America, said of the bill, “We want to mark our products, “Made in USA,” so we roll our own tubing, we then do all the welding, the punching, the painting, the packaging.  And yet, there came a time that we were actually sued for putting “Made in USA” on these basketball hoops.  To not have a consistent definition of “Made in USA” is insensible. Our ability to mark our products “Made in USA” matters.  Senator Lee’s support helps us create jobs, opportunities, and bless families’ lives.” 

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