Lee Urges Prompt Repayment to Utah Amid Shutdown Concerns

September 27, 2023


WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) sent a letter to Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, underscoring the importance of Utah's National Parks and the potential repercussions of a government shutdown on these iconic spaces and the local economy.


Sen. Lee's letter emphasizes the prompt reimbursement of any state funds used to maintain National Parks during a shutdown. Sen. Lee stressed the significance of ensuring continued access and services to these parks, urging Sec. Haaland to utilize the provisions of the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA) to fund essential park operations with entrance fee dollars, a procedure that was utilized during the 2018-2019 government shutdown.


Additionally, in the event that the State of Utah is forced to expend state funds to keep our National Parks open during a shutdown, Sen. Lee urged Sec. Haaland to repay the state for costs incurred upon the government reopening. 


Sen. Lee's letter can be accessed here with an accompanying image available below.