While the Constitution charges Congress with regulating interstate commerce, Senator Lee believes that authority should be used to ensure goods and services can be properly sold and traded amongst the 50 states and the rest of the world. He does not think it gives the federal government blanket authority to micromanage the country’s economy.

Congress should allow American businesses and families to thrive without the burdensome hand of government getting in the way. Workers succeed when businesses have access to the capital they need, and capital becomes more readily available when government is not overregulating or spending beyond its means.

Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have proven they have an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to better not only their own lives but the lives of their neighbors, local communities, and the world at large. Senator Lee believes Americans, not government, have built businesses, employed workers, supported families, and provided the ideas to improve the lives of each generation.

The federal government can appropriately help support the continuation of these successes by removing unnecessary regulations, increasing access to foreign markets through free and fair trade agreements, simplifying our tax code and making it more competitive, protecting the integrity of the dollar, and protecting American workers by ensuring our legal immigration system supplements our workforce only where there is a gap.

Jobs also depend on free markets, and free markets require vigilance to protect them from anticompetitive monopolies. Senator Lee, through his leadership on the Senate Subcommittee on Competition Policy, Antitrust, and Consumer Rights, works to ensure that our antitrust enforcers vigorously enforce U.S. law to protect consumers and free markets.