Committee Assignments

Joint Economic Committee

The Joint Economic Committee (JEC) advises Congress on economic conditions and recommends improvements in economic policy. Inspired by Utah’s thriving civic life and strong social capital, the JEC’s Social Capital Project studies the state of social capital in our country today and recommends policies to increase social capital by reconnecting Americans to work, improving investment in youth, making it more affordable to raise a family, increasing family stability, and rebuilding civil society.

Committee on the Judiciary

The Senate Judiciary Committee oversees the Department of Justice and its agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and portions of the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Trade Commission. The Committee also plays the role of advise and consent for all judicial and many other nominees. The focus of the Judiciary Committee includes the apportionment of representatives, Constitutional amendments, immigration and naturalization, federal criminal law, patents, copyrights and trademarks, antitrust law, protections on trade, and civil liberties. Utahns and Americans benefit from the careful consideration of nominees and laws that ensure the proper functioning of our nation’s judicial system.

Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

The Energy and Natural Resource Committee is responsible for many matters important to Utah including energy and mineral resources (including nuclear development), irrigation and reclamation, territorial possessions of the United States, and the conservation, use, and disposition of federal lands. Federal law and policy in these areas govern: our ability to remain energy independent, the distribution of water resources in the arid West, and how federal land is managed.

Committee on the Budget

The Budget Committee oversees the drafting of congress's budget plans and monitors and enforces rules surrounding spending, revenue, and the federal budget.