Education Reform

Human capital - the knowledge, skills, and abilities embedded into people’s minds - is our nation’s greatest resource. Without education, training, and experience, we never would have been able to conquer a continent, win two world wars, and put a man on the moon.

But what value added has the federal government really brought to the American people’s ability to educate ourselves?

  • The federal government has spent over $1 trillion on K-12 education since 1962 and yet student achievement is flat.
  • The federal government already has 45 separate Early Education programs and nothing to show for any of them.
  • And the federal government has never been so involved in funding and regulating our nation’s higher education institutions but more graduates than ever say their degrees are worthless as they graduate with over a $1 trillion in debt.

Examples the world over show that left to their own devices, families naturally strive to find the best education for their children. Our own history demonstrates how much families, communities, and states can accomplish without any federal education policy.

Unfortunately our federal government has grown to a point where they are stifling those efforts instead of fostering them.

The policies below are each designed to help Americans find the education solutions that work best for them.

Early Education Reform

K-12 Education Reform

Higher Education Reform