A Pro-Family, Pro-Growth Tax Reform Plan

The greatest driver of American prosperity is equal access to and equal opportunity within our free enterprise economy. That’s what spurs innovation, creates jobs, and drives up the take-home pay of working Americans.
Today, in an increasingly competitive global economy, the greatest impediments to economic opportunity and growth are unfair, dysfunctional government policies that have not kept up with changing times. These policies empower political insiders and crony capitalists elites at everyone else’s expense.
One place where these policies are especially prevalent is the federal tax code. For this reason, I joined with Senator Marco Rubio to introduce a pro-growth, pro-family tax reform plan to correct these unfair, broken policies and to level the playing field for all individuals, families, and businesses.
We started this tax reform effort with a set of goals:
·      Treat all families equitably and eliminate the tax code’s biases against parents and married couples;
·      Encourage economic growth that will yield more private sector jobs and higher wages;
·      Remove crony biases in the code;
·      Enhance the ability of firms located in the United States to compete in the global market; and
·      Curtail the Internal Revenue Service’s discretion and capacity for abuse.
This plan rejects the false choice that only one goal of reform can be pursued at a time and offers a package that is both pro-growth and pro-family.  We believe that by cutting tax rates, eliminating double taxation, taxing saving and investment less punitively and lifting the burden placed on American families we can have both higher levels of growth, higher family incomes, and widely shared prosperity.

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