Senator Lee's Mobile Office is a resource for constituents across Utah who might not otherwise be able to meet with casework officers or other staff at Senator Lee’s offices in Salt Lake City and St. George.  The Mobile Office will hold events in multiple locations throughout all 29 counties within the State.  The full schedule will appear on Senator Lee’s website and be updated periodically.
“I want my office to be open and available to all Utahns,” said Senator Lee.  “The best way to achieve that is by going directly to them.  Utahns deal with a range of federal issues – from Social Security to veterans benefits to navigating the bureaucracy of the federal government – and I want to be there to help them get answers.”
The mobile office hours, dates and event locations will be regularly updated on this page.  Additionally, you may: (1) request, arrange and confirm a specific mobile office appointment for yourself at a previously scheduled date, time and location; (2) recommend a future mobile office visit, date, and time, to a location near you; (3) requesting an educational presentation on the U.S. Constitution and the Process of Governement; etc.; by completing and submitting the mobile office form below.

In the unlikely event of a Mobile Office visit cancellation or postponement due to unforeseen circumstances, inclement weather, etc., affected members may call the Salt Lake City Office at 801-524-5933 or the St. George Office at 435-628-5514 for assistance.  Any Mobile Office visit that is cancelled, or postponed, will be re-scheduled for a later time to be able to best serve and accommodate local residents throughout the State of Utah.

July 2014

Date Title
7/1/14 July 1, 2014 Mobile Office Visit - Bountiful

June 2014

Date Title
6/24/14 June 2014 - Mobile Office Visit to North Ogden Veterans
6/23/14 June 2014 - Mobile Office Visit to North Ogden

May 2014

Date Title
5/5/14 May 2014 - Mobile Office Schedule

April 2014

Date Title
4/1/14 April 2014 - Mobile Office Schedule

January 2014

Date Title
1/14/14 January 2014 - Mobile Office Schedule

November 2013

Date Title
11/26/13 December 2013 - Mobile Office Schedule

October 2013

Date Title
10/28/13 November 2013 - Mobile Office Schedule

September 2013

Date Title
9/20/13 October 2013 - Mobile Office Schedule

August 2013

Date Title
8/26/13 September 2013 - Mobile Office Schedule

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