Senator Lee opening statement at SCOTUS hearing

Oct 12, 2020

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Welcome Judge Barrett, welcome to your family as well. Judge Barrett, you and I have a number of things in common. We were both raised in large families; in fact, we’re both one of seven children.

SAVE Moms and Babies Act

Sep 22, 2020

Mr./Madam President, Abortion is always a tragedy, as it is the taking of an innocent human life. And in the case of chemical abortion, it sometimes takes two lives: that of the baby and the mother.

Hill AFB Anniversary and Military Spouse Licensing Relief Act

Sep 17, 2020

Tomorrow marks an important day in our nation’s history: the birth of the United States Air Force. For 73 years, countless brave American men and women have protected our liberty and our homeland from the skies. They have embarked on air combat missions, guarded our bases and missile sites, and undertaken rescues. They have flown, fought, and won in the air on behalf of our country.

Mob Violence Resolution

Jul 2, 2020

Before we break for the Fourth of July recess, I thought it would be important to get the Senate on record condemning the rising tide of mob violence we see across the country, and the increasingly prevalent mob-mentality that is fueling it. The violence struck home for me this week when a constituent of mine was shot after an armed mob surrounded his truck in Provo, Utah.

Sen Lee address Supreme Courts June Medical Decision

Jul 1, 2020

Madam president, I come to the floor today wanting to discuss a case called June Medical Services v. Russo. This was a decision announced by the Supreme Court yesterday. This is a decision that hasn’t gotten enough attention as many cases that have come before the Supreme Court. It is, nonetheless, a significant decision. It is a decision that I believe is deeply flawed and betrays many of the legal and constitutional principles that the Supreme Court reports to apply and is supposed to be bound by as it decides cases and controversies properly brought before its jurisdiction.