Day Lee Briefing -- 6/09/2011

Jun 9, 2011

Senators Jim Webb (D-VA), Bob Corker (R-TN), and Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced a joint resolution requiring the Administration to provide a detailed justification of U.S. operations in Libya and prohibiting the deployment of U.S. troops on the ground there. It further calls on the President to request authorization for the continuation of U.S. involvement in NATO activities and states that Congress should fully debate such a request expediently. Nearly 90 days after the initiation of force in Libya, such debate has not occurred.

Day Lee Briefing -- 6/08/2011

Jun 8, 2011

Senator Lee and Senator Hatch introduced the Federal Land Asset Inventory Reform (FLAIR) Act. The legislation requires the federal government to inventory its land holdings, as well as a report that considers ways to consolidate or terminate ownership of some lands.

Letter to Senator Durbin to Request Immediate Hearings on the Hatch-Lee Balanced Budget Amendment

Jun 7, 2011

Today, all 8 Republican members of the Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Senator Dick Durbin, Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Constitution calling for immediate hearings on the Hatch-Lee Balanced Budget Amendment. As our astounding national debt mounts, Congress must take swift action to correct the fundamental and structural problems with the way Washington spends money. The current system encourages Congress to overspend, and only a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution will make subsequent spending reforms enforceable.

Day Lee Briefing -- 6/07/2011

Jun 7, 2011

The House Republican Study Committee sent a letter yesterday to the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader calling for major spending reductions and reforms to resolve the debt limit issue. The third prong of the plan includes passage of the Hatch-Lee Balanced Budget Amendment.

Day Lee Briefing -- 6/06/2011

Jun 6, 2011

Of the 40 Democrats in the Senate who served prior to President Obama taking office, 38 have voted AGAINST raising the debt limit. This fact calls into question the rhetoric coming out from their party raising the debt ceiling is necessary to avoid an economic catastrophe.

Day Lee Briefing -- 6/03/2011

Jun 3, 2011

Blindly raising the debt ceiling yet again carries significant risk—indeed, a risk that easily rivals that associated with not raising it. In the last three years, gross federal debt has grown from 64% to 93% of GDP. Debt of this magnitude crowds out much-needed private investment and could lead to reduced private-sector growth, persistent unemployment, a devastating fiscal crisis, and skyrocketing interest rates.

Rising Unemployment and the President's Failed Policies

Jun 3, 2011

Today's jobs report underscores what has already been a tough week for our economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: The unemployment rate edged up to 9.1% in May, from a level of 9.0% in April and 8.8% in March.

Day Lee Briefing -- 6/02/2011

Jun 2, 2011

“If politicians just increase the debt limit now without simultaneously correcting that rapid spending growth, then they will be expected to do so in the future. In contrast, if they tie any increase in the debt limit to a halt in the explosion of spending, then people will give them better odds that they will control spending in the future. Linking the debt limit vote to spending thus establishes a precedent and valuable credibility.” -- John B. Taylor, “In Praise of Debt Limit 'Chicken'”, Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

Day Lee Briefing -- 6/01/2011

Jun 1, 2011

Today’s Agenda

Senator Lee is in Utah during the Senate Recess Work Period meeting with a number of constituents and groups.


From the Senator’s Desk

“Today, Senator Mike Lee applauded the decision by Secretary of the Interior  Salazar to not designate any lands as “Wild Lands” in accordance with the 2011 Continuing Resolution. Senator Lee also indicated he stands ready to work with the Utah state legislature and other state and local officials to evaluate current wilderness study areas.

“Secretary Salazar has rightly recognized that Congress, and not the Department of the Interior, has the authority to designate wilderness areas; he has also recognized the importance of working with federal, state and local representatives in managing federal land,” said Senator Lee, who sits on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.  “With nearly 70 percent of Utah lands under federal control, it is critical that we have a say early in the process to protect the rights of Utahns and all Americans to access and use federal lands…”

Today’s news was welcomed by Senator Lee as an acknowledgment that the Interior Department cannot and should not act unilaterally to impose a highly restrictive land use policy. 

“The ‘wild lands’ policy that was abandoned by the Secretary today would have harmed the Utah economy, prevented job growth, blocked domestic energy development, and resulted in less revenue for our state,” Lee added.  “I appreciate that the Secretary has shifted his position and we can now work together with state and local officials to determine the future designation of our current wilderness study areas.”



“[White House press Secretary Jay] Carney said Obama plans to listen to their concerns but will also underscore their duty to the nation by citing a letter that President Ronald Reagan sent to Capitol Hill demanding a debt limit increase in 1983.  ‘The risks, the costs, the disruptions and the incalculable damage lead me to but one conclusion: The Senate must pass this legislation before the Congress adjourns,’ the letter says. Carney added: ‘We agree with Ronald Reagan and many others that we cannot default.’”  - House rejects proposal to raise debt ceiling, The Washington Post 6/1/2011

Everyone is in agreement we should not default on our debt obligations.  However, the President disagrees that we should do anything to fix the problem.  He wants a “clean” debt ceiling vote, meaning the President wants to push Americans further into debt without addressing the reasons why we have so much debt in the first place.  That is the very definition of being fiscally irresponsible.

2nd Opinion 5.31.2011


Around the Water Cooler

Gas Prices: “Our problem is a president who would rather buy foreign oil than produce it here in America and is willing to subsidize those purchases as well, even if it means shipping American jobs overseas.”

Debt Limit: House overwhelmingly rejects “clean” debt limit

Public Land: Obama ditches idea for "Wild Lands"


A Look Ahead

A report out today says just 38,000 jobs were created in May, significantly below the 175,000 that economists predicted.    While the Administration is focused on scaring seniors and raising taxes on America’s energy producers, the economy continues to flounder.   As the Work Period comes to a close and the Senate goes back in to session next week, Senate Republicans will look to highlight the President’s unimpressive record on creating jobs. 

Lee Applauds Salazar's Decision to Abandon 'Wild Lands' Policy

Jun 1, 2011

Today, Senator Mike Lee applauded the decision by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to not designate any lands as “Wild Lands” in accordance with the 2011 Continuing Resolution. Senator Lee also indicated he stands ready to work with the Utah state legislature and other state and local officials to evaluate current wilderness study areas.