American entrepreneurs and creators have made the United States the global leader in science and technology. Their innovation and advances in technology have transformed the quality of life of people throughout the world, including millions of Americans.

As technology improves and new and growing markets emerge, there will always be a temptation in Washington to expand the federal government’s regulatory role over the private sector and attempt to centrally control our innovation. However, Senator Lee believes a responsible approach to technology policy is one where the federal government restrains itself to its limited constitutional authorities and even then only acts in a manner that is narrowly tailored to address the specific challenge. This authority must be exercised carefully because government intervention tends to hinder, rather than empower, American innovators and can insulate the largest, most powerful companies from their competitors. As tech companies acquire more power and exercise more control over our access to information, our antitrust enforcers must play a more active role to promote and protect competition.

As the internet has grown and transformed how Americans share information, purchase and transport goods, and consume news, the federal government has needed and will continue to need to revisit debates over government regulation of speech, corporate conduct, competition, and transportation. If we want reforms to successfully combat discriminatory action, ensure competition, and crack down on obscene content to protect our children, all while preserving a fair marketplace and continued innovation, Senator Lee believes Congress must engage in robust debate, exercise its limited, proper role, and consider how its actions may lead to other consequences.