Make the CBO Show its Work

Aug 4, 2017

When Democrats passed Obamacare on a party-line vote in March 2010, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that by 2016, 21 million people would receive health insurance through the law's exchanges. In reality, just 10 million people did. The CBO's model was off by more than 100 percent. The same CBO estimate predicted that Medicaid would grow by 17 million enrollees to about 52 million. In reality, more than 34 million people have signed up for Medicaid since Obamacare became law, for a total of 74.5 million recipients today.

Drones and federalism: Why the states must lead on drone regulation

Jul 10, 2017

Last week, drone industry executives told President Trump they needed more regulation, not less, before they could expand further — a man-bites-dog story if ever there was one. But the answer isn’t to keep waiting on Washington. It’s to make use of one of our nation’s founding principles: federalism.

The Missing Ingredient in BCRA: Humility

Jun 23, 2017

"No, the Senate healthcare bill released yesterday does not repeal Obamacare. It doesn’t even significantly reform American healthcare."

Lee, Cruz: In Trump era, it's time to reassess Western Hemisphere alliances

Jun 22, 2017

As citizens of the United States, we recognize the rights of foreign peoples to live and govern themselves as they see fit. Just as the American people would not tolerate another nation dictating to us how to run our country, we believe other people should be able to make their own laws free from outside interference.

Trump's decision to kill the Clean Power Plan put Provo before Paris

Jun 8, 2017

But if you aren’t wealthy and famous, if you are a low- or middle-income American, then the economic costs of the Clean Power Plan would hit a lot closer to home.

Mike Lee and Jim Jordan: Make Work and Marriage Great Again

May 25, 2017

Americans are, on average, wealthier, healthier, and better-educated than we ever have been. We've made huge strides in civil rights and racial equality. We have access to technology that would have awed past generations. But fundamentally, our culture and way of life has undergone some changes that are not necessarily positive.

What We Do Together

May 15, 2017

And yet, despite this real progress, there is a disorienting sense that our social fabric is frayed. We are wealthier in material terms than ever before, but leading thinkers have issued warnings that we are increasingly “bowling alone,” “coming apart” and inhabiting a “fractured republic.”

Get government out of the Internet’s business

May 4, 2017

Why would the former head of a federal agency write an opinion essay defending a federal regulation he created without ever naming the regulation he is trying to defend? Because he doesn’t want you to know there was a time when the regulation never existed.

Sen. Mike Lee: Don't give up on health care

Mar 30, 2017

When I was first elected to the Senate in 2010, I ran on a promise to repeal Obamacare. When I ran for re-election last year, I again ran on a promise to repeal Obamacare. For more than six years, I’ve made finding a way to make health care more affordable for Utahns my top priority as a United States senator.

How Congress And Trump Can Reform Taxes To Put America First

Jan 23, 2017

"The bottom line is that federal tax policy, like all federal policy, should serve the interests of the American people, and especially struggling families and communities currently being left behind"