Protecting Life

Every human life is precious from its very beginning. Every individual, regardless of age, health, or condition of dependency, deserves the respect and protection of society. And expectant mothers deserve early and consistent care. 

Women and children in the United States deserve better than the 56,145,920 abortions that have been performed in the United States since the Supreme Court rulings in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

It’s essential for the Federal government respect each human life. 

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

There is abundant evidence, that by 20 weeks, the unborn child has the capacity to experience pain during typical abortion procedures. On this basis, it is vital to outlaw abortion after that point, except when an acute physical condition endangers the life of the mother, or in cases of rape, or cases of incest against a minor. 

Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act

The United States is the only advanced country that does not restrict sex-selection through law.  Countries with longstanding experience with sex-selection abortion—such as India, the United Kingdom, and China—have enacted complete bans, have successfully prosecuted offenders, and have steadily continued to strengthen prohibitions and penalties.  The victims of sex-selection abortion are overwhelmingly female, and most sex-selection abortions are grisly, later-term abortions, likely occurring after the child becomes "pain-capable."