Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Judge Kavanaugh, welcome, and welcome to your family and guests.

This is the third time you’ve had the quote-unquote privilege of appearing before this Committee. So you’re seeing some familiar faces on this side of the dais. You’re also seeing some new faces, but I think you’ll find that in a lot of ways, nothing has really changed since you were last here 12 years ago.
The National Flood Insurance Program is a national embarrassment, and everyone in this building knows it. It is fiscally unsustainable because it is structurally unsound.

And yet, here we are again, for the seventh time in six years, considering a so-called “straight” reauthorization. “Straight.”

Made in USA

Jul 18 2018

When Americans see a “Made in USA” label on a product, it is often a source of pride. It represents the American virtues of entrepreneurialism and industriousness. It is a symbol of support for American manufacturing jobs and high-quality products. And it often spurs American consumers to buy that product.
It was 170 years ago that Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers came to the Salt Lake Valley in search of religious freedom… and, finally, a land of their own in which to practice it.

It is easy to take for granted, or to forget. But so much of American history – and of human happiness – has depended on the ability of ordinary people to have a part of this earth they can call their own, “to dress it and keep it.”
Over the next ten years, our national debt is set to balloon from $21.16 trillion today to more than $33.9 trillion in 2028.

American taxpayers are currently responsible for 77% of that national debt. And the percentage is projected to rise to almost 100% in that same period of time.

On top of that, with interest rates set to increase, the payments on the debt will also likely double over the next 10 years as a percentage of total economic output.
Mr. President,

I would like to speak for a few minutes about a bipartisan amendment I have offered to the NDAA, the Due Process Guarantee Act.

Alexander Hamilton, writing in Federalist 84, called arbitrary imprisonment one of the “favorite and most formidable instruments” of tyrants.
Mr./Madam President,

Last week, the Trump administration proposed new rules to finally bring federal policy back in line with federal law. This should not be controversial in a republic committed to the rule of law.

But this new policy touches the question of abortion, which tempts all three branches of our federal government to turn truth, justice, and the law inside out in the service of violence.

President Trump is resisting those temptations, and affirming that the law should do what it says.
Mr. President, later today this body will vote to confirm my friend Jim Bridenstine to be the next NASA administrator.
In that position, he will be in charge of rebuilding a space program that matches the pioneering spirit and determination of the American people.
I have known Congressman Bridenstine for many years, and I know that he is just the man for this important undertaking.
Let us review his record. It will show that Jim Bridenstine’s service to our country is matched only by his eagerness to press the boundaries of sky and space.
Mr. President, I’d like to speak for a few minutes about Ryan Nelson, who has been nominated as solicitor for the Department of the Interior.

Ryan is a fantastic choice for this position at Interior. As a native of Idaho Falls, he is a fellow Westerner who understands the issues confronting the region.
Good afternoon, thank you all for being here.

And thanks to the Federalist Society for organizing this conference on restoring Article I of the Constitution, which is a subject near and dear to my heart.

Article I, of course, is the section of the Constitution that enumerates the powers of Congress.