Floor Remarks on Afghanistan

Sep 23, 2021

George Washington, in his farewell address, warned us against foreign entanglements and costly wars. He and the other Founders knew firsthand the danger that enduring engagement abroad posed to our republic and our freedom. Despite those warnings, we, the United States have been embroiled in a directionless, trillion-dollar, war in Afghanistan for the past twenty years.

Sen. Lee Pays Tribute to Staff Sergeant Taylor Hoover on the Senate Floor

Sep 14, 2021

Staff Sergeant Taylor Hoover joined the ranks of American heroes before him, always faithful. May God rest his soul, may God comfort his family, and may God bless us with the Honor, Courage, and Commitment that Taylor Hoover lived.

Growing Climate Solutions Act

Jun 24, 2021

As Americans want to buy more “clean” and “green” products, the market has been finding solutions to provide them. The Growing Climate Solutions Act before us, however, will not. Though it seeks to “aid” the carbon credit market, it will ultimately serve only to quell it.

Sen. Lee Speaks on Ending Federal Mask Mandate for Public Transportation

Jun 23, 2021

In January of this year, the CDC ordered the mandatory use of masks on planes, trains, buses, and public transit of every kind, everywhere across the country. If Americans fail to comply with this mandate, they risk being fined or even criminally prosecuted. Six months later, this mandate continues, with the CDC refusing to recognize its own research that the mandate is no longer defensible.