Standing for the Unborn

Jan 20, 2022

One of the aims of American foreign aid is to assist countries in times of need. This spirit exemplifies a trait Americans and Utahns rightfully value, that of giving to those in need. And yet, for many years our foreign aid dollars in support of abortion have been used to impose violent cultural imperialism.

The Filibuster – Protecting America from Bad Law

Jan 12, 2022

The Senate is a peculiar institution. Despite what many might expect, Senators strive to be collegial even while they may hold strong political and policy disagreements. In fact, the Senate rules have strict prohibitions on insulting the character of another member or a state. That is because debate is a fundamental part of the Senate. That’s how this institution earned the moniker “the world’s greatest deliberative body.”

Stop the GRINCH Act

Dec 9, 2021

When the Grinch stole Christmas it was a relatively simple operation that took a relatively simple solution. Unfortunately, cold, unfeeling regulations and entrenched bureaucracies do not have undersized hearts which could grow three sizes. Protectionist laws and labor shortages do not warm to holiday cheer. When COVID-19 began, e-commerce sales hit an unprecedented rate causing our already troubled supply chain to be further mired with dire challenges including truck driver shortages, outdated port technology, lack of container storage capacity, port labor difficulties, and scarce freight equipment.

"The brave men and women of our military deserve better."

Nov 30, 2021

Our nation today exists in a time of relative peace, with limited and manageable active hostilities that threaten U.S. security. On the horizon, the United States faces a militarily ambitious and formidable, but not yet insurmountable opponent in China and its quest for regional dominance in the Pacific. Yet, in the face of this new age of Great Power competition, U.S. grand strategy continues to operate with outdated goals and across all regions of the globe, lacking prioritization and desperately needed scale.