One hundred years ago, in 1921, a young and newly married couple named Percy and Verabel Knudson saw the need for a gathering place in their community. Knowing they could make money selling ice cream and candy, the two started Idle Isle Ice Cream and Candy Store.

A few years later, after raising the necessary funds, Percy and Verabel—with the help of David H. Call and his wife LaRita—shifted their business from sweets to full-service meals, and Idle Isle Café was born.
For more than a hundred years, throughout times of change, tumult, and uncertainty, there has been a constant: the “special relationship” between the United States and the United Kingdom.

The U.K. has been one of our staunchest and most loyal allies. We have stood beside each other through two world wars and the Cold War. In the 21st century, the U.S. and the U.K. have become even stronger friends and partners, both in the fight against global terrorism and for freedom, peace, and prosperity.

The TEAM Act

Jun 14 2021

I rise today to introduce the Tougher Enforcement Against Monopolists, or TEAM Act. I am grateful that my good friend and Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley, has joined me as a co-sponsor of the bill.
Women make invaluable contributions to our families, communities, and workplaces. Thankfully, the opportunities for women in the workplace have grown tremendously over time.

And there is no doubt that they should be treated equally and receive equal pay for the same work as their male counterparts.
The strategy of the Endless Frontier Act is rooted in the belief that our markets have failed us, and the only means by which we can jumpstart our economy and create innovation is by trusting in federal government bureaucrats.

Instead of chilling innovation and competition, we ought to decentralize power and champion trust in the private sector.
Water is one of our most precious resources. It is vital to agriculture, industry, recreation, conservation, the development and growth of cities, and a myriad of other needs.

Unfortunately, for states like Utah, our supply for this critical resource is threatened under the Antiquities Act.

Why is this the case?

The PVSA is Bad News

Apr 29 2021

This 135-year-old law, known as the Passenger Vessel Services Act (“PVSA”), harms American workers and redirects tourism to foreign nations. We are literally shipping our tourism and economic activity abroad, and destroying countless opportunities for our own coastal cities, states, and towns. It should be repealed immediately.
I have read the accounts—so have many of you.

A young mother from Honduras. Two young sisters from Guatemala. A six-year old child from El Salvador.

They are all told by the local cartel that—for a price—a better life awaits them in America. They are told, as evidenced by those chanting “Biden!” at the border, that this new president has opened the borders, and amnesty is imminent. So “get in while you can.”
The stated mission of the Department of Health and Human Services “is to enhance the health and well-being of all Americans.” The HHS Secretary is thus charged with overseeing all government healthcare and social services, and protecting the health and rights of the American people. It’s a worthy goal, and an important job.

Unfortunately, the history of the nominee before us, Mr. Xavier Becerra, poses grave concerns for carrying out this very goal, and for overseeing an agency with such vast, far-reaching responsibilities.
Mr. President, the federal government has become too big and too expensive. It's been this way for quite a long time. It's not without its impact.

You know, it's been borrowing and spending far too much money and doing too many things even before the covid-19 global pandemic. This emergency has really shown how badly we need to return to some semblance of federalism; some semblance of federal restraint with respect to what it does and particularly what it spends.